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He smelled of travel and battle. Sweat, and blood, and viscera from days ago invaded Ignis's nostrils, and was offensive enough to the senses that it actually succeeded in putting him off. That in itself was testament to the pungency. Gladio's lips were against the spot underneath his ear, facial hair scratching at the skin of Ignis's throat. He was pinned to the wall by Gladio's entire frame, which was more than a little like being swallowed in the sensation of him, of his fingers lacing between Ignis's own and pressing the backs of his hands against the wall behind him, and of Gladio's hips holding him there with a hint of power and rather more promise.

After several nights camping it was good to get to civilisation, and importantly hotel rooms and the associated amenities once more. Amenities such as walls, for example, and doors.
Amenities such as showers.

“Gladio,” he said, and despite the fact that Gladio stank, as Ignis was sure he did too, it was a wrench, “please go and shower.”

“You joining me?”

Sometimes, Ignis found cause to wonder if Gladio knew how much he enjoyed the sound of him. Gladio's voice was, much like the rest of him, big, and deep, and rough. He had permanent stubble, and calloused hands, and a voice that, when saying certain things in certain ways, tended to short circuit Ignis's own voice, if only temporarily.

Things such as 'you joining me', for example, said as an invitation so close to his ear that Ignis could feel the rumble it made in Gladio's throat. He swallowed, and closed his eyes. The moment he withdrew his fingers from between Gladio's, Gladio stopped, and backed off. It may only have been a few inches, but it was enough. That was the thing about Gladio; for all his roughness, he'd die before he'd hurt someone he cared about. A signal to stop was received and understood the moment it was broadcast.

“The intention,” he said, “is to get clean, and my presence would only be a hindrance.”

“What's the point in getting clean if I'm only going to get dirty again?” Gladio asked, a telling smirk on his face. Ignis found himself looking into those eyes and seeing amusement clouded with lust. “Besides, you don't smell too fresh yourself right now.”

“Which is why I will be showering too,” Ignis said, and caught sight of an eyebrow about to follow the line of the smirk below it and head upwards before he added, “after you. Would you prefer a quick fumble, or to enjoy the luxury of a door with a lock on it?”

That was the problem, of course. When they camped there were stolen minutes; quick touches and hurried frottage against the rocks while Noctis and Prompto slept. Stress relief, reaffirmations of their relationship, quick and dirty scratching of their respective itches, that was all they could spare. Camping meant Gladio with his fingers buried and pulling at Ignis's hair as they both concentrated on keeping the noise down as much as they did on getting the job done. Ignis didn't mind camping. There were, at times, benefits to spending the night under the stars, gazing at the galaxy splashed across the night sky while calloused fingers helped him relieve some tension.

Doors, and walls, however, provided a rare luxury, and Ignis would prefer to take advantage.
The grunt from Gladio sounded pleased at any rate. “Sounds like I'm in for a long night,” he said. Ignis only smiled at him. “Don't make promises you can't keep,” Gladio warned.

“I keep my word,” Ignis told him. “You know that.”

The low rumble of acknowledgement ended with Gladio's mouth pressed against his own, tongue darting in to snatch his breath. His breath it took, but his sense it did not, and he returned the fervour in kind for an all too brief second before Gladio pulled away. It had been a test of his resolve, Ignis knew. A test he'd passed, as he always did. Gladio gave him one last smirk before he pulled back, and away, the loss of his presence so close to Ignis's own body leaving a chill behind.

“And clean your teeth,” Ignis called after him, as Gladio closed the bathroom door behind himself.

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From: [personal profile] alien_laughter

Stupid hot Gladio, making Ignis feel like that, ngh. And he's secretly sweet, too, 'cos of course he is.

yes good, write moar, you tease

Date: 2016-12-25 06:02 pm (UTC)
alien_laughter: a sunset-lit tree-trunk in a winter forest (Default)
From: [personal profile] alien_laughter
He totally is! I think you got him perfectly, based on how much I've played so far, anyway.

Awwww! Hard to have enough of them. Best losers. <3


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