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<b>Questionnaire #1 -- The Basics</b>

<i>1. Your Name</i>

<i>2. Your age</i>

<i>3. Describe yourself</i>

<i>4. Describe your mate (if applicable)</i>

<i>5. Where (and when) do you live?</i>

<i>6. What's your favourite sweet? (It is so a basic!)</i>

<b>Questionnaire #2 – Favourites</b>

<i>What is your favourite...




<i>Time of day?</i>


<b>Questionnaire #3 – Background</b>

<i>Tell us about...

Your place of birth.</i>

<i>Your childhood.</i>

<i>Your parents.</i>

<i>Your siblings</i>

<i>Your (current) home.</i>

<i>Your favourite "hang out".</i>

<b>Questionnaire #4 – Skills</b>
<i>Can you read?</i>

<i>Can you write?</i>

<i>Can you sing?</i>

<i>Can you play an instrument?</i>

<i>What languages do you speak?</i>

<i>What weapons can you use?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #5 – Secrets</b>
<i>Are you good at keeping secrets about yourself?</i>

<i>What is your best kept secret?</i>

<i>What is your worst kept secret?</i>

<i>Are you good at keeping secrets about others?</i>

<i>What secret about someone else have you kept and wish you hadn't?</i>

<i>What secret about someone else have you not kept and wish you had?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #6 – Sex</b>

<i>Are you a virgin?</i>

<i>Do you mate for life?</i>

<i>Who was your first lover?</i>

<i>Who is your current lover?</i>

<i>What is your favourite sexual position?</i>

<i>What are your kinks?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #7 - Best and Worst</b>

<i>What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you?</i>

<i>What's the best thing that's ever happened to you?</i>

<i>Who is your worst enemy?</i>

<i>Who is your best friend?</i>

<i>Tell us about your worst kiss.</i>

<i>Tell us about your best kiss.</i>

<b>Questionnaire #8 – Mornings</b>

<i>What time do you wake/get up?</i>

<i>What's the first thing you do upon waking?</i>

<i>Are you a morning person?</i>

<i>What is your typical morning like?</i>

<i>Do you drink coffee?</i>

<i>Do you need coffee?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #9 - Are you?</b>

<i>Are you...






<b>Questionnaire #10 – Marks</b>

<i>Do you have any scars?</i>

<i>Do you have any piercings?</i>

<i>Do you have any tattoos?</i>

<i>Do you have any other markings?</i>

<i>Do you wear any jewellery?</i>

<i>Have you ever broken any bones?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #11 - Grab Bag</b>

<i>What is your favourite mode of transportation?</i>

<i>Can you cook?</i>

<i>Do you have big feet?</i>

<i>What is the square root of 169?</i>

<i>If you could change your name to anything you wanted, what would you change it to?</i>

<i>What is the sound of one hand clapping?</i>

<b>Questionnaires #12 – Rituals</b>

<i>Do you believe in a higher power?</i>

<i>Do you belong to a formal religion?</i>

<i>Do you have any religious rituals?</i>

<i>Do your people have any sort of coming of age ritual?</i>

<i>Do you have any personal rituals?</i>

<i>Do you have any sexual rituals?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #13 -- Your lover</b>

<i>If you do not have a lover/mate/significant other/spouse, please answer the questions about your best friend.
How long have you been together?</i>

<i>What do you like to do together?</i>

<i>What do you do to make your lover happy?</i>

<i>What do you do even though it upsets your lover?</i>

<i>If someone was going to meet your lover for the first time, what one thing would they need to know?</i>

<i>What's your absolutely favourite thing about your lover?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #14 - If you were...</b>

<i>If you were a _____ what would you be?
a metal</i>

<i>a plant</i>

<i>a fault</i>

<i>a virtue</i>

<i>a colour</i>

<i>a season</i>

<b>Questionnaire #15 -- What is your most distinctive...</b>

<i>What is your most distinctive...
Physical feature?</i>

<i>Physical mannerism?</i>

<i>Character trait?</i>

<i>Turn of phrase?</i>

<i>Pet peeve?</i>


<b>Questionnaire #16 – Wants</b>

<i>What's one place you've always wanted to go?</i>

<i>What's one thing you've never been able to do?</i>

<i>What one thing have you always wanted to learn but never have?</i>

<i>What's one thing you've always wanted to do and never have?</i>

<i>What's one thing you've always wanted to have but don't have?</i>

<i>Who do you envy?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #17 – Animals</b>

<i>Do you like animals?</i>

<i>Which animals don't you like?</i>

<i>Do you hunt? If so, for food or pleasure?</i>

<i>Do you eat meat?</i>

<i>Which animal do you most closely identify with?</i>

<i>Which animal do you most closely identify your mate with?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #18 – Superstitions</b>

<i>Are you superstitious?</i>

<i>What is your most embarrassing superstition?</i>

<i>What is your most strongly held superstition?</i>

<i>Do you believe in the devil?</i>

<i>Do you believe in karma?</i>

<i>Do you carry a talisman/lucky charm/etc.?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #19 -- Either Or</b>

<i>Country or City?</i>

<i>Water or Alcohol</i>

<i>Black or White?</i>

<i>Day or Night?</i>

<i>Pain or Pleasure?</i>

<i>Life or Death?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #20 Fear, pain and loss</b>

<i>What are you afraid of?</i>

<i>How do you deal with your fears?</i>

<i>Why did you cry most recently?</i>

<i>What was the worst pain you've experienced?</i>

<i>What is the worst injury or illness you've experienced?</i>

<i>What do you most dread losing?</i>

<b>Questionnaire #21 -- Christmas and New Year's version</b>

<i>Do you celebrate a winter solstice type holiday and if so, which one?</i>

<i>Do you believe in Santa Claus? Kris Kringle? Hern the Hunter? The Ice Fairy? Someone else associated with the holiday?</i>

<i>Do you like giving gifts?</i>

<i>What's the best gift you've ever given someone?</i>

<i>Do you like getting gifts?</i>

<i>What's the best gift you've ever gotten?</i>

<i>Do you mark the coming of the New Year in some way?</i>

<i>Are you making a new year's resolution? If so, what is it?</i>

<i>Have you made resolutions in the past?</i>

<i>If so, which was the most successful?</i>

<i>If so, which was the least successful?</i>

<i>If you could make a completely fresh start, would you?</i>

<i>If you had no choice and were making a completely fresh start and could bring one person with you, who would it be?</i>
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